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The Coalition

As a Coalition we are currently engaged in a variety of initiatives including work in social impact and investment, overdose, harm reduction and prevention, health equity outcomes, violence prevention and intervention, interprofessional practice, and much more. 


Most recently, the CHW Coalition - in partnership with trusted partners- have been awarded a federal grant from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which focuses on improving and expanding our existing CHW efforts. More specifically, our CHWs will lead system-level decision makers and members of community as we work, together, to build and strengthen community resilience. This effort was catalyzed by COVID-19 and the need for concentrated, comprehensive, cross-sector collaboration to adequately, and equitably, address health disparities.


* allow me to brag on St Louis;

The region was one of five sites selected - across the country - given the opportunity to develop a completely innovative approach aimed to strengthen the use of CHWs through policy, systems, and environmental changes. The St Louis CHW Coalition is a leader in this project for the region.

This work will be carried out in trusted partnership with the St Louis County Department

of Public Health, City of St Louis Department of Health, St Louis Integrated Health Network, Beyond Housing and the University of Missouri St Louis Center for Innovation and

Action Center.

The Coalition convenes a variety of multi-sector, cross-disciplinary workgroups and partnership tables throughout the region. Take a look at our contact form below.

We hope you find a way to stay connected!

H O W   W E   W O R K 

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of brave spaces creating unique opportunities for co-solutioning between neighbors and systems decision makers. 

We understand the needs of communities are different every day.


of hope and resources through relationship, technical and social assistance, trainings, skill building, and strategy. 

We respond to immediate social needs.


of neighbor voice and bi-directional partnership

within community.

We chose to live and step with neighbors. 


If you'd like to connect further regarding any of the offerings below, we encourage you to complete this form and someone from our network will reach out!

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