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From a Passion  to a Career.

CHW for COVID Response and
Resilient Communities (CCR)

The Coalition was funded for Component B, which focuses on improving and expanding existing CHW efforts and Component , which focuses on developing innovative approaches within only 5 organizations, nationally, to strengthen the use of CHWs through policy, systems, or environmental changes. The St Louis CHW Coalition is one of those 5 sites.

This work will be carried out in partnership with the St Louis County Department of Public Health, City of St Louis Department of Health, St Louis Integrated Health Network, Beyond Housing and the Uniiversity of Missouri St Louis Center for Innovation and Action Center.

Coalition Major Activities: 

  • CHW City + County HUB Operations 

  • CHW, CHW Employer + CHW Referral Trainings

  • Public Health Series

  • High School Pipeline

  • CHW Concept Mapping

  • Workforce Surveys

  • Advocacy Agenda

additional partnerships & contracts. 

Regional Health Commission's PrepareSTL

Missouri Institute for Mental Health - CENTER Initiative 

Washington University Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education 

The Coalition responds to immediate needs.

When you live in community, you understand that the needs of the communities are different every day.


We chose to live and step with the community. 


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