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How We Work


Covener of brave spaces creating unique opportunities for co-solutioning between neighbors and systems decision makers.

We understand the needs of communities are different every day.


Provider of hope and resources through relationship, technical and social assistance, trainings, skill building, and strategy. 

We respond to immediate

social needs.


Amplifier of neighbor voice and bi-directional partnership, within community.

We chose to live and

step with neighbors. 

Transformation > Transaction


What is The Coalition?

The St. Louis Community Health Worker Coalition (the CHW Coalition) is a regional backbone organization striving to build neighborhood capacity, institutionalize community leadership and decision making, and advocate for long-term sustainability of the CHW workforce. We are a grassroots agency that operates across all five levels

 of the socioecological model. The St louis CHW Coalition Infrastructure aims to help transform institutions into racially responsive systems that promote generational community wellbeing while simultaneously building power and cultivating leaders in the neighborhoods of those same systems.  


What do we do?

We have 1 mission, 2 structures, 3 roles. Our one mission is to scale and sustain the community health worker workforce; we do so through leadership development and the exploration of nontraditional workforce financing options. Our two structures allow us to operate as a response network for social needs in the region, as well as a professional network structure for CHWs themselves. Our three roles in the region are: Amplifier, Convener, Provider 

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