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A unified collective of

health and social service professionals committed to providing accessible support to both

individuals and systems.


Our mission revolves around delivering services and products that prioritize community inclusion,

foster connectivity, encourage authentic power-sharing, and ultimately contribute to an

enhanced quality of life for all. 


Envision a St. Louis where

a cohesive network of services intertwines,

driven by a sustainable community health worker workforce dedicated to bridging the gap between communities and systems, fostering authentic connections and well-being for all.


Transformation > Transaction


Covener of brave spaces creating unique opportunities for co-solutioning between neighbors and systems decision makers.

We understand the needs

of communities are different every day.


Provider of hope and resources through relationship, technical and social assistance, trainings, skill building, and strategy. 

We respond to immediate social needs.


Amplifier of neighbor voice and bi-directional partnership, within community.

We chose to live and step with our neighbors. 

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