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Where neighbors and systems collaborate

The St Louis CHW Coalition (CHWCo)

is the regional backbone and professional organization for

Community Health Workers (CHWs) regionally.


Founded by CHWs in 2016, the CHWCo centers its strategies on efforts that scale, sustain and strengthen the CHW workforce both locally and globally.


We are the CHW to our CHW workforce.

We are a connector of our systems and neighbors.

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Trainings and Workshops 

Ignite your space with our transformative trainings and workshops, led by workforce itself. 


Our workshops empower you with practical skills and knowledge. Unleash your potential in community health, and beyond,  through engaging sessions tailored specifically to your needs.


Public Speaking (i.e. panels, pleanaries)

Elevate your events with impactful speakers

from the CHWCo.

Our dynamic CHWs bring expertise, passion, and firsthand experiences to panels and plenaries. Enrich your audience's engagement and understanding through our compelling public speaking appearances.


So St Louis Tour

Immerse yourself in the heartbeat of St. Louis

with our exclusive tours.


Led by local CHWs, these experiences go beyond sightseeing, providing a deep dive into the community's health and social service landscape. Connect with the city's pulse and discover the power, and assets, of local adventure. 


Technical Advising and Consulting 

Let CHWCo be your strategic partner in leadership and program development. 


Our expert CHWs bring a wealth of experience to streamline your initiatives. From concept to execution, we collaborate for success, ensuring your projects align seamlessly with community needs.


Point of Service Outreach 

Break barriers to community outreach with

our innovative Point of Service Model.


Our CHWs navigate community spaces and fostering meaningful connections, with ease. Amplify your reach - and impact - by bringing services directly to where they matter most. through our point of service outreach model. 


Community Listening Sessions 

Hear the heartbeat of your community through

our tailored listening sessions.

CHWCo facilitates inclusive dialogues, ensuring every voice is valued.

Gain valuable insights, strengthen community bonds, and drive initiatives informed by genuine community needs.


Research, Abstracts and Publications 

Dive into the depth of community health

with CHWCo's research initiative.


Our CHWs contribute to impactful abstracts and publications, that help advance the field. Collaborate with us to access cutting-edge knowledge and insights that drive positive change.

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