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Show Me Healthy Women (SMHW)

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Show Me Healthy Women offers Mammograms & Pap tests
Show Me Healthy Women

Show Me Healthy Women E-Blast for Community Health Workers May 2023

This is a publication of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Show Me Healthy Women Program

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Show Me Healthy Women (SMHW) offers free breast and cervical cancer screenings and diagnostics for qualified women. Enrollment criteria include age 35 - 64, income at or below 250% of the federal poverty level and no insurance to cover program services. Contact a SMHW provider or Regional Program Coordinator (RPC) staff for questions or view our webpage Show Me Healthy Women | Health & Senior Services ( When assessing resources for patients, consider SMHW enrollment.


According to the Department of Health and Senior Services, the Office of Primary Care and Rural Health, 2017, Missourians living in rural counties experience a higher incidence of health disparities, including travel and transportation.

Free transportation is available for SMHW clients. A travel voucher is used for the contracted transportation provider. All program services qualify for transportation services, including initial office visit, follow-up diagnostic office visits, and annual evaluation screenings in the contracted counties. SMHW contracted with Southeast Missouri Transportation Services and Oats, Inc. to offer transportation. If a Missouri city or county is without a contracted transportation provider, the RPC will work with the provider and client to provide transportation.


SMHW pamphlets and literature are available to your organizations in many languages. All the pamphlets and literature can be translated into any language that is useful to your clients. Contact SMHW for literature.

SELF-CARE: STRESS HAPPENS!!!!! Use these tips to practice self-care.

• Exercise – Exercise is a helpful way to get centered and de-stress

• Sunshine- getting outside and enjoying nature is great for self-care

• Hydration- Making sure to stay hydrated is a simple way to practice self-care

• Talk with someone- Pick your person, call a friend, family or a co-worker and talk about your feelings. Check with your employer and use their counseling services, if applicable

• Grace-practice self-compassion and remember you can’t do it all in one day

• Electronic Devices- put them down, log off and log out.

• Write it down – Journaling will express and process your thoughts and feelings on issues

If these tips or others do not assist in lowering stress for you or someone you care about, call 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. Talk with someone, you matter. Your mental health matters! There are no restrictions or judgements with calling 988 and reaching out.


• Mary Young, RN (Kansas City/Northwest Area) 816-514-6241 or

• Lisa Graessle, RN (Central/Northeast Area) 573-522-2855 or

• Margaret Laycock, RN (St. Louis Area) 314-657-1509 or

• Missy Rice, RN (Southwest Area) 417-693-3409 or

• Mary Costephens, RN (Southeast Area) 573-536-1809 or

The toll free SMHW number is 866-726-9926.

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